“Year after year, working and skiing in the high alpine,  I rely on my KILLER OTO fleeces to keep me warm and comfortable all day. I love my OTO’s.”
“My family and I have been buying OTO fleece sweaters for almost 10 years. We have outgrown many and have worn out a few. They are cozy and creative… Hard not to wear. They make great gifts too.”
“Rachel’s work is amazing! I have one of the very first fleece pullovers she ever made – probably 15 years ago at least – and I’m still wearing it! Since then I’ve acquired many others and all of them are my “go to” comfort/style casual cozy favorites. I’m a huge fan!”
“I’ve never had a piece of clothing I’ve worn more in my life. Best gift you can give someone ever!! Handmade in Vancouver, original, and unique. OTO Design is almost as cool as the artist who makes them.”
“I have known Rachel for four years and her designs continue to astound me. I have never felt so beautiful as I have in her clothing and own many pieces myself. Her company, OTO Design, produces colours like I have never seen before. I am deeply passionate about her clothing.”
“My kids first started wearing OTO Design fleece sweaters 8 years ago. Being west coast kids they became an “everyday” essential. Eight years later all four of my kids still love to throw on their fleece whether it be for outdoor soccer practice, under their jackets for snowboarding, or just a walk in the forest. To this day they love to design their own sweater to make it uniquely their own. I absolutely love that they are locally made, that there is not one that is the same, and that I can throw them in the washer and the dryer, and they still look great years later!”
“I LOVE my zip coat from OTO Design. It’s cosy and warm (obviously), but it also looks fantastic on me! Fits perfectly, the colour is beautiful (I chose violet), and the style is flattering whether zipped or open. Everybody needs one. Or maybe two.”